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Noticing a Need

In early 2017, Daniel got his start in the watch industry by making bespoke luxury watch bands. He obsessively studied the craft and mastered it at a world-class level. After a year or so, his company began taking off and it wasn’t long until he recruited Clay to join his team. The more straps they made, the more Clay and Daniel began to notice the need for stylish watch bands that were both high-quality and affordable. People take an immense amount of pride in the watches they own. Shouldn’t we take pride in what holds our timepiece to our wrist?

That’s why Solomon was created. We set out to design a strap that is both durable and stylish; a strap handcrafted in the United States by detail-oriented, perfectionistic artisans; a strap made from premium, ethically-sourced materials. And we’re doing all of this at a price point that is accessible.

Sharing Our Passion

We, like a lot of people, have a deep passion for high-quality gear and apparel. And at the foundation of Solomon is the desire to share that same passion with others. Take pride in outfitting your timepiece with a watch band that is handcrafted. If you’re already a part of the Solomon community, thanks for joining us. If you’ve just heard of us, we're excited you’re here.


-Clay and Daniel

P.S. If you’re ever in the Nashville area, feel free to hit us up for food recommendations!

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