Handmade in the USA and designed with nature in mind.

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Handmade Watch Bands

Elevate your watch with a premium band that's built to last.

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Leathers curated from prestigious tanneries such as Horween and Buttero

Our leathers are ethically sourced.

Designs Inspired by Nature

Our designs are created with the beautiful colors of our planet in mind.

The strap that came on your watch is cheap.

The straps that come on watches (even luxury watches) are poorly constructed, unexciting and just not built to last. Solomon Straps handcrafts durable, premium leather watch bands in a variety of styles and colors that elevate the look of your watch.

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Fall 2020 Collection

We've been obsessing over watch bands for years.

After years of handcrafting bespoke straps for $200-400, we realized there's a need for quality bands at a reasonable price. Introducing Solomon Straps: durable, premium straps for $60 each. 

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Apple Watch Straps

Available in all styles

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Strap Spotlight

Strap Spotlight

Strap Spotlight

Strap Spotlight

One and Done

Our straps are built to last a decade. If you're buying cheap straps, you're spending more money in the long-run while wearing an inferior product.